Wrinkles are the major problems faced by women today. They appear as you age and can be very annoying. There are several ways to get a wrinkle and blemish free skin, but you must be wise to choose the right option. Your face might be damaged if you make the wrong choice, hence its best to go for natural remedies when it comes to issues associated with skin, as they do not harm the skin.

Why do wrinkles appear?

Aging is the primary cause of wrinkles. However, there are other factors, which also contribute to wrinkles. They are:

  • Smoking – Cigarette smoking accelerates the process of aging and the nicotine in cigarettes reduces the flow of blood to the skin, which inhibits the regeneration of the skin.
  • Free Radicals- The collagen or the elasticity of the skin can get affected due to exposure to pollution.
  • Sudden Loss of weight – When you lose weight abruptly the skin tends to lose its elasticity causing slack and dullness.
  • Exposure to sunlight – The ultraviolet rays of the sun can cause severe damage to the skin because they have the potency to penetrate deeply into the skin causing damage.

anti wrinkle creamNatural Ways to ward off wrinkles

  • Healthy Lifestyle- To minimize skin damage and eliminate wrinkles it is best to lead a healthy lifestyle. Concentrate on consuming a balanced diet and include all the essential vitamins like Vitamin C, A, D, K and E in the food you eat to achieve a glowing skin.
  • Get Adequate Sleep – Getting quality sleep is the best way to prevent wrinkles.
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids – Foods like fish which are rich in omega 3 fatty acids helps prevent wrinkles.
  • Soyabeans – Incorporate soyabeans in your diet as it has the capacity to enhance the skin structure and adds strength too.
  • Vitamin C- Pigmentation, wrinkles and damaged skins could be eliminated with the consumption of Vitamin C.

Some Effective home remedies for wrinkles.

  • Pineapple is enriched with Vitamin C and is effectual in treating wrinkles. Just apply it in the face and allow it to dry and then rinse.
  • Rub the watermelon skin on the wrinkle-affected area and then rinse to get smooth and refreshed skin.
  • To restore the firmness of the skin apply virgin coconut oil on the face. Ensure the oil is a little warm. This helps in removing the dryness from the skin.


Going natural is the best solution for any kind of skin issues as they are safe and effective. You can get radiant and great looking skin at the convenience of your home.