skin tags removalThe unaesthetic skin growths on particular parts of your skin are often referred to as skin tags and sadly enough, they are not just bad looking, but also harmful if they connect with your pieces of jewelry. Fortunately, they are not impossible to deal with. In fact, they are quite easy to get rid of if you find a qualitative skin tags removal cream. But aside from the products you can find in commerce, you may just as well rely on a few homemade recipes. Most of them are said to work as solid adjutants to creams and other solutions. Plus, they are inexpensive and easy to create at home.


No matter how basic aspirin seems, it is actually one of the most effective skin tags removal solutions out there. You only need a single pill. Put it in a glass of water and let it dissolve. Stir a little, then apply the cocktail on skin tags. The more you can keep the area wet, the quicker you get rid of those formations. From this point of view, if you spend a lot of time at home, it might be a good idea to get a compress and stick it to the problematic area.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is also very easy to find in commerce and also inexpensive. It does not require any special preparations at all. Instead, you only need an applicator. You may just as well use a compress or anything else that works. Put the respective applicator inside some apple cider vinegar, then gently apply on the skin tag. Let the area dry naturally for around ten minutes. The operation must be performed three times a day.

skin tags removalBaking soda

Baking soda is a good abrasive solution that can be naturally used against a series of skin problems. Skin tags make no exception either. In order to prevent any discomfort or painful sensations, mix baking soda with a glass of water, then apply the cocktail on your skin tag. Do it two times a day for at least a week and you will be surprised by the final results.

Tea tree oil

Last, but not least, tea tree oil is yet another good skin tags removal naturist solution. It must be applied on skin tags for around five times, on a daily basis. With time, skin tags tend to go dry and they fall. They usually fall when you move around while sleeping, so the pleasant surprise from the morning is hard to describe in words.