is quite difficult to select the best argan oil for your hair and skin purposes. Oil is available in different qualities depending on the quality of argan kernels, storage facilities and methods of manufacturing etc.

Hence, it is important to research well before selecting a vendor. Have a look at these points-

  • It is better to select the vendor who offer 100% money¬† back guarantee
  • you could check their reputation in the market
  • carefully go through the dealer’s website
  • you could read customer reviews
  • know about the prices of the company
  • See whether they offer proactive customer care support. Check whether the dealer answers your queries via a phone call, online support, email etc.

How to select the best quality product

To distinguish the best quality oil from others, you could check the quality of nuts used to produce oil. Do not select the oil prepared from old or molded nuts. Many dealers use unfair means to maximize their profit. Some of them mix inexpensive culinary oils with argan oil. Make sure that the product you choose has been tested in the laboratory.

What are the Uses of argan oil?

  • It proves to be the best conditioner for your hair. You could gently massage the scalp with argan oil to get shinny and softer hair.
  • You could use it to massage your face (use 2- 3 drops of oil) to get an even and fairer skin tone

You could mix 2- 3 drops of argan oil with regular moisturizer and apply it to your knees, elbows and other dry parts. You could soften your heels by massaging them with this oil. Later, you could cover the heels with cotton socks, so that the effect lasts for long period. to cure sunburn

You could cure problems like scarring and sunburn with this oil. You could gently rub the oil over the affected areas to get instant relief. If you do not notice visible results, you could repeat the procedure for about a week. Oil contains good quantity of vitamin E, which is helpful to heal the scars.

Make sure that you store the oil in dark and cool place. You could store it in glass containers. Argan oil could react with the toxins of metallic container and plastic containers.