Many of us are not able to provide optimum care to our feet. Feet with ugly and nasty nails could have a negative impression on others. Toenail fungus could be the result of bacteria, athlete’s foot, sweat etc. It is necessary to choose a good and hygienic treatment to cure this problem. all you require to get rid of this problem?

To treat the problem, you need an anti-fungal cream or spray, paper towel, sweat powder, anti- fungal soap, warm water etc. Initially, you need to dip your foot inside a tub of lukewarm water and anti fungal soap. Once washed, you could use clean paper towels to dry your foot. Now, you need to apply anti fungal creams on your foot including spaces between your toes, nails etc.

Things to be taken care of

At the end, you could put clean cotton socks over your foot. Make sure that you use cotton socks only, as cotton allows easy airflow. You need to change the socks at least thrice a day. If you follow this routine for a week, you will observe improvement in your feet. However, if you do not observe visible results, it is better to consult a doctor.

Besides curing fungus, you could make sure that it does not spread to others. You could remember these points-

  • You need to wear your footwear while taking shower in public area.
  •  If you have joined an aerobic or yoga session, do not forget to carry your personal mat to the class.

Garlic could be the best remedy to cure this skin problem. You could prepare garlic paste and apply it to the affected region. Now, you could wrap your foot with bandage to maximize the effect of this remedy. You could remove the bandage after several hours and wash your foot with the solution of warm water and apple cider vinegar. Repeat this procedure few times to see improvement in your foot. to prevent toenail fungus

One of the important precautions that you can take to prevent toenail fungus is to keep your foot as dry as possible. Fungus has the tendency to develop in damp areas. Make sure that you do not apply nail paint on your toes. It could worsen your situation. You could apply the solution of olive oil and oregano oil on the toes to keep them clean.