With the growing age, you might observe wrinkles, patchy skin, age spots, freckles etc on your skin. You might notice them near your abdominal region, groin, arms, eyelids, upper chest etc. They could be the result of obesity, genetics, repetitive activity etc.

skin tags removalMany of you might be looking out for ways to remove skin tags and get younger and beautiful skin. It is better to remove them at an early stage. Else, they will become dark and might cause problems while you are changing your clothes or taking shower.

This skin condition is more commonly observed in-

  • Diabetic patients
  • Patients suffering from human papilloma virus
  • Pregnant ladies
  • People who are overweight

Benefits of using the method of electrolysis

You could take help of your doctor to remove them. They will numb that area by giving you local anesthesia and remove them using scissors. Another way to remove them is by electrolysis. Electrolysis will ensure that they do not re- occur again. It will not only remove the skin tags, but you can also get rid of the marks. You could use this method to remove tags present on your neck, face, bikini line etc.

You could tie them with dental floss and try to remove them. When you will tie the tag, it will block the blood in that area. You will notice that the tag will dry within few days and fall automatically. However, this is the temporary way to remove them.

Use apple cider vinegar for effective results

You could soak a cotton ball in the solution of apple cider vinegar and apply it over the skin tags. You could repeat this procedure at least thrice a day to get instant relief. If you follow this regularly for few weeks without fail, you will notice that tags will automatically fall off.

Many creams and lotions are also available that guarantee to provide maximum results. You could read the customer reviews before selecting the best brand.

skin tags removalTea tree oil – the best remedy

Tea tree oil is another powerful remedy to remove them. Initially, you could wash the affected area with soap and water and dry it. Now, you could apply 2- 3 drops of oil over the tags and rub it gently. If it causes irritation, you could mix a little quantity of water with it. Once you have applied the oil, you could cover the area with a cloth or bandage.